Thursday, October 14, 2010

Albertsons deals worth mentioning this week! 10/13-10/19

 These are deals that I match up from ads. I have not made it to the store yet to make deals from unadvertised sales. Once my little one is better I'll be out there hunting down the deals! These are great prices if I have them listed. Have fun and let me know what you get this week!


In store coupons (meaning get the ad at the front of the store and get the coupon):

Albertsons dozen medium eggs .55  Limit 3 (amazing price)
Fresh Express salads: .88 Limit 2
Chicken Breasts 3lb bag 5.67 (1.89lb) Limit 2

Other Deals:

Hamburger Helper 1.00
Use .75/3 coupon from  10/3 GM insert (regional)
.75 each after coupon

Green Giant Boxed Vegtables 1.00
Use: .60/3 from 9/12 GM insert (regional) 
.80 each after coupon

Oscar Mayer basic lunchables 1.00
(no coupons I can find, but this is a great price for my family) 

Crest toothpaste 1.00
Use: .75/1 from 10/10 PG insert
.25 each after coupon

Balance Bars 1.00
Use: B1G1 from 10/10 SS insert
.50 each after coupon

Pillsbury is having a Catalina offer from 10/4-10/31 a great way to use up all those little amount coupons on dinner rolls! Here is how the deal works:

Buy Pillsbury Refrigerated Grand biscuits and get a Catalina:
Buy 3 Receive 1.00 Catalina (1 divided by 3 is .33 savings per item)
Buy 4 receive 2.00 Catalina (4 divided by 2 is .50 savings per items)
Buy 5 receive 3.00 Catalina (5 divided by 3 is .60 savings per item)

 I won't always put the division thing on here but I want you guys to see how the savings works. The more you buy the more you save b/c of the Catalina! I will be buying 5 at least once this week then using the Catalina to buy the next 5..and so on and so forth...

Here's a scenario:

Buy 6 Pillsbury grands at 1.50 each
 (3) 1.00/2 from Safeway 70.00 savings book 
Pay 6.00 receive 3.00 Catalina 
Making these: .50 each! 
If you have more of those coupons and you put the Catalina back into the next deal it would make these FREE! That's why I collect alot of coupons :) 
You can also find coupons for these items on 
or  I have found a TON of peelies on the products!

Are you in need of coupons?  Email me at

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