Friday, October 15, 2010

CRAZEE deals on Littlest Pet Shop continues through Sunday!

Fred Meyers is having a B1G1 free sale on Littlest Pet Shops like you have seen in previous posts. My amazing friend Sarah gave me some more coupons! I'm not going to go into full detail on this one but I wanted to show you guys why I get so many coupons! This is a deal where I am going to send some of these toys away in shoe boxes for children through Operation Christmas Child and some I will give as Christmas presents. I'm so excited to get things going for the shoe boxes last year my family did 50 so we hope to outdo that this year! EVERYTHING IN THE PIC COST ME 12.76!! And I got ones that were over the 5.99 price but since the expensive ones cancel each other out in the store B1G1 I just paid the few extra dollars on the 7.99 ones and tax!! All of this without coupons would have cost me 137.57!!!!

I used 9 B1G1 (up to 5.99) coupons from 9/26 inserts and used the in store sale for B1G1

All Spiderman and Toy Story toys are B1G1 free in store as well, wish we had coupons for that too! LOL

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