Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Throw out those Harbor Freight Tool Coupons!

The other day we needed to get a electric fly swatter. I love mine and it broke! This last summer I paid 15 dollars for one. Well we were in the neighborhood and thought we would check out harbor freight. Low and behold, even though my husband said in no way would they have them they did! And they were on clearance for 2.99 and, we had these amazing harbor freight coupons on us!
Not only did each one of us get a free flashlight, b/c everyone that is in your party as long as they have a coupon will get something free. Me and the kids picked flashlights to send to the Philippines and Johnnie went with this clamp thing? Super awsome b/c these little LED flashlights are valued at 5.99 each, and they came with batteries! Love this store. Oh yeah, best thing, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY AT ALL TO GET YOUR FREEBIES! Here is our loot:
These coupons come in most weeks inserts lately..don't throw them out :p

To find a Harbor Freight near you go to

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