Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm up and Running!

Hey everyone! I'm already begining to wonder if this blogging thing is a good idea, LOL it took me nearly three hours to figure out how to start a post and upload a picture, but here we go, I'm up and running. This blog is just a simple (by that I mean complicated at first) way to help my friends and family coupon with confidence! When I first started couponing 3 months ago I was a mess. After weeks of feeling shaky and weak in the knees and messing up nearly every transaction, it finally happened, while I was shopping and using tons of coupons I no longer felt nervous, and it hit me! I have COUPON CONFIDENCE. Finally! Peace of mind and knowledge to use my coupons :) So, I'm Shelly and I'm couponing with confidence. I hope I can help you to gain or regain yours too!

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