Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rite Aid single check rebates and an amazing deal from today!

The Rite Aid at Marysville mall on State Ave is amazing! The manager Randy is so nice and is even willing to check out blogs and coupon match ups to make sure the store is stocked with things that fly off the shelves b/c of the growing number of couponers out this way :)

Single Check Rebates: If you are not familiar with what this program is check it out Rite Aid Single Check Rebates I faithfully enter in my receipts and Rite Aid faithfully sends me my checks such an amazing program! The best part is alot of the products that you get SCR's on also have coupons so you end up making money! You don't have to send in receipts or bar codes or anything, less work for us....YAY!!

This transaction I did a little later this morning and I'm pretty happy with it, even though I was overcharged on the pedicare I'm OK with it :p 

Buy 2 playtex gentle glide or playtex sports 2/8 8.00
Buy 1 Utterly smooth lotion 1.00
Buy 1 Comtrex 3.99
Buy 1 Sucrets 2.99
Buy 1 PediaCare 7.19(actually on sale for 4.99)
Total: 25.86

(2) 2/1 Playtex coupons from redplum
(1) 2/2 from Video Values
(1) 1.50/1 Sucrets from Safeway Summer Savings booklet (if you need one and your local let me know I have some)
 (2) 1.99 UP rewards from nivea lip care from last week
(4) 1.00 UP rewards from Misc transactions
 Total After coupons including tax 4.25 that I put on the gift card from the oral rebate last month.

Got Back:
1.00 UP reward for udderly smooth lotion
 2.00 UP reward for purchasing 2 playtex in a single transaction
 Submit this reciept for Single Check Rebates 4.99 for the pediacare 3.99 for the comtrex and 2.99 for the sucrets.

It's not hard to learn what has single check rebates and was does not..all you have to do is look at the add:
If you find an item that also has coupons to match then VIOLA! You have just made yourself some money. If it has up rewards attatched even better :)

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