Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Those people are so RUDE! 116th Albertsons in Marysville, WA!!

The cashiers won't take coupons without rolling their eyes or ~Sighing~ They won't let anyone do the ConAgra deal and with doublers they act like we are all "stealing" from them. Its a joke! A few other people and I have called corporate b/c this is crazy! We bring money into their store not the other way around its not like the store is doing us a favor coupons and Catalina's are! Corporate has clearly said that what they are doing is hurting their business and has graciously sent me a 25.00 gift card for my troubles. I know two people that have had the same experience when calling corporate over this store. Here is the phone number to corporate:1-877-932-7948 and the store number is 412. If you have had a problem with them, let corporate know so we don't have to be treated badly ANYMORE! : Let them know that you want to speak with a district manager about your issues with the store.
Update: I just had a talk with the manager there, she said they have been working over the last two weeks on fixing this problem and I'm very pleased that she was very nice and encouraging about coupons! Lesson learned everyone: Don't feel bad for using your coupons they are as good as cash!

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