Monday, November 8, 2010

Albertsons Last Minute Doubler Ideas...You have today and tommorow left!

Duracell Battery deal:
Buy 3:  8 or more packs of Duracell batteries on sale for 5.99 (they are part of the spend 20 receive 5 off your next order) this obviously is for regular shelf price of 6.99 and before coupons b/c I tried it and it works!
Use: 3 1.00 off Duracell batteries from PG rebate home mailer or use .75/1 from P&G 10/10/10 or use 1/2 from P&G 10/31/10
Use 3 doublers
Total: as low as 11.97 get back 5.00 ONYO bottom line 6.97 for 3 10 packs of Duracell batteries!

Kikoman Soy Sauce 1.99
Use 1/1 from Here and a doubler

Tic Tacs 1.00
Use .75/1 from 10/3 RP and a doubler=Free

Coffee Mate Creamer 16oz 1.50
Use 1/1 from Safeway 70 savings booklet and a doubler =FREE
Or use .75/1 coffee mate creamer and a doubler=FREE
Or use 1.50/1 CoffeeMate to make them FREE without the doubler!

Tree Top 3 pack of juice 1.00
Use This coupon and a doubler to make 2 FREE (also this is a high print limit coupon you can print it out 8 times making 16 free)
See my recent post HERE about this awesome deal!

My friend Summer texted me earlier to tell me about this awesome deal (Thank you Summer P):
Swiss Miss hot cocoa 1.00
Use 1/1 from the new Safeway Thanksgiving booklet (get your hands on a few of these, found at any Safeway stores)
Making these Free without doublers as well!

Mentos Gum 1.00
Use 1/1 from 10/3=Free no doubler required!

Yakisoba Noodles 1.00
Use .50/1 from 10/3 and doubler=Free
(man I love these things so much)

Also, remember that if you use a lot of ITUNES there is a coupon in this weeks ad: Save 5 wyb a 30 ITUNES multi basically its a free 5 dollars :)

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