Friday, November 19, 2010

Free $5.00 for Hallmark!

December magazines have been full of coupons but one of my favorite by far is this 5.00 any 5.00 or more purchase at Hallmark stores! I found this one in my December issue of Martha Stewart Living that I got for free. (a whole year) This is what the coupon looks like: Its like a little card that sticks to one of the pages..
So we headed to Hallmark since its right next to Rite Aid (where I had a deal to put together) here in Marysville and headed straight for the clearance section. They had cute card making packets regularly priced at 9.99 but guess what? Everything in the clearance section is 75% off! So each one of these card making packets was just 2.50.
 So guess what that means? BOTH FOR FREE! Just paid tax :)
The clerk told me that these are in quit a few magazines so I will keep you all posted when my December issues keep rolling in. I know they are not in Better Homes and Gardens or Parents Magazines because I looked through them already of course, LOL The cashier did try to tell me that you can not use this card on sale prices or clearance. The back of the card in fine print clearly states that you can use it with store sales and with promotions, YAY! I read it to her nicely and she said what a great deal, now I know for next time.
Who doesn't love free?

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