Monday, November 15, 2010

Herbal Essence Money Maker at Rite Aid

Before couponing I paid over 3 dollars a bottle for Herbal Essence. Now, to buy 10 I make money off them! For 10 the cost out of pocket was 1.90 and with tax 4.04. But wait......I got back 20.00 in Up Rewards!

Here is the proof! And here is how the deal is done:
Buy 10  herbal essence shampoo and conditioner 2.99 each. 
Use the 5/25  coupon THEN:
Use (10)  2/1 any Clairol product from 10/31PG insert. If the coupon beeps explain that Herbal Essence is in fact a Clairol product you can show them on the back of the bottle that it says Clairol. The store will be reimbursed their money. So they should over ride the coupon with no problem.
Pay 4.04 including tax and get back 2.00 Up Reward for each product meaning you get back 20.00 In Up Rewards! Making this a 16.00 MONEY MAKER!  That is why I get 10 inserts! Need coupons? Email me at:

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  1. I love Black Friday! Can't wait.

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