Wednesday, November 3, 2010

QFC is THE BEST STORE EVER!!!! You have to do this deal!!

First I would like to say that I bought ALL of this in one transaction, I just could not fit the amount of stuff I got in one picture. 6 different savings of 5 each came off on ONE receipt! Second I would like to say that I spent a total of : ARE YOU READY!! $38.30
Basically it works like this: QFC is having an in store promotion Buy 10 participating items receive 5.00 off instantly! YOU DO NEED TO HAVE SETS OF 10 ITEMS TO GET THE 5.00 SAVINGS...BUT, you can do a ton in one transaction. I bought 60 items tonight in ONE transaction and all 6 five dollar off savings came off on one receipt! The cashier was AMAZING! I didn't get looked at crazy once for having over 30 coupons! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE This promotion and will definitely be going back after more coupon match ups :)

Here's the PICS, ENJOY!

I bought:

10 boxes of Cap N Crunch cereal  8/29 RP .50/1
5 Red Baron Pizzas  10/10SS 1.00/1
9 Pepridge Farm cookies  10/10SS .60/1
15 Smart One Meals 5.00/5 Safeway Coupon booklets OR 1.00/5
2 Hungry Man Meals Hungry Man 2.00 off coupon
2 Imagine Organic Broth 10/17SS 1.00/1
5 Rozoni Pasta (1/1 November All You Magazine) And Ronzoni Pasta Coupons
4 Propel Water Propel Waters
4 Quaker Granola Bars .75/1 Can not find which insert so check your binders :)
5 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Go HERE FOR 5.00/5 Kraft ITEMS to make these .19 each!
3 Pringles 10/31 P&G 1.00/3
8Carnation Condensed Milk Carnation Milk
6 Cream Of Chicken Condensed Soup Soup Coupons
2 Nestle Refrigerated cookie dough Cookie Dough Coupons
6 Heinz Jarred Gravey Heinz Gravey Coupons
Remember that you can get TWO of each coupon by clicking your back button or finding other tricks like refreshing your page or exiting and returning to the link again.
VALUE: OVER 200.00 FOR UNDER 40.00!!!!

I'm very tired but tomorrow I will be posting how to get these amazing deals! I'll get to it by 10am :) You can also check out: Queen Bee she has amazing match ups for this promotion!

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