Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Albertsons Doubler Ideas (last day today)

Everything pictured cost me a little over 4.00 I go through a ton of house cleaning supplies so I did get more..and I will be donating the laundry soap and sprays :) My sister and I are still looking for a few families to sponsor through the economy so if you know of a needy family please let us know!

Glade Spray (relaxing moments) clearanced to 1.75
1/1 12/5RPinset+Doubler=Free and overage if your store allows it
Gatorade 1.40
1/1 Hanging Tag currently on product+doubler+FREE and overage
Best Life Margarine 1.50
1/1 1/2SSinsert+doubler=FREE and overage
Xtra Laundry Soap 1.99
1/1 Printable (no longer available)
Finish Dish Tabs 2.99
2.50/1 1/2SSinsert=.74 which I offset with some overage
Lysol Antibacterial Sprays and Toilet Bowl cleaners 2.00 each
1/2 1/2SSinserts+Doubler=1.00each which I offset with overage from Gatorade

Other great ideas are:
Wholly Guacamole 1.99
Wonka Chocolate Bar 2.00
1/1 coupons.com Printable+doubler=FREE

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