Friday, October 8, 2010

RITE AID COUPON FLU BOOKLET (No purchase neccessary) Confirmed!!

Sooooo you know that amazing flu booklet at rite aid I've talked about? The one that all the pharmacists said they could not give out without a flu shot? The one that has been helping me and some other couponers get the great deals we're getting Well,a  very helpful pharmacist today ( I think she was tired of me asking every single day with her usual NO response lol) told me to look online at the fine print and low and behold, NO PURCHASE NECCESSARY!  Heres the proof, print it out take it in with you and ask for one but be polite :) Now we can all get the great deals Happy Shopping! look at the small wording at the bottom of the page, yay!
 Who knew sometimes the "small" print can Be a good thing!

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