Friday, October 8, 2010

Money Making Candy at Rite Aid?

There is a huge buzz going around all the blogs about some money making candy. With Halloween right around the corner I can not wait till Rite Aid opens this morning to go get some! With all the up rewards I have and will get from these transactions I'm going to buy my 5 year old her Halloween costume later today b/c when you spend 20 dollars or more on customes or accessories you get Another 5 up reward. I love Rite Aid!

Candy that is Participating:
Buy 2, Receive $1 +Up Reward, Limit 6

Participating Candy:
Skittles, 14 oz
Swedish Fish, 14 oz
Cow Tail Minis, 10 oz
Starburst, 14oz
Jolly Ranchers, 14oz
Caramel Cremes, 12 oz
Sour Patch Kids, 14 oz
Jolly Rancher Pops, 10 oz
Charms Blow Pops, 10.4 oz or 11.4 oz
Dum Dum Pops, 11.4 oz
Lifesaver Mints Wint O Green, 13 oz

The BEST PART ABOUT THIS IS THAT YOU GET AN ADDITIONAL 2UP rewards for each bag you buy, supposedly. So check back later b/c I'm going early this morning! I'm going to buy 10 bags of Jolly Rancher pops for trick or treaters and use this 5/25 of more coupon
 I expect to pay 20 dollars (all in Up Rewards and a gift card from getting my prescription filled at Rite Aid) and I expect to get 25 Up rewards back (which are as good as cash) So 5.00 money maker hopefully. Then b/c the 2up rewards are rolling, NOT THE 1up rewards...I am going to buy 2 bags of skittles and use this 1/2 coupon from Then 6 bags of sour patch kids with my coupon for 4/6 sour patch bags from 8/8 inserts. Total will be for that transaction: 11 dollars and I should receive 18 dollars in Up rewards making this deal another 5 dollar money maker! Rite Aid hurry up and Open :)
Make sure to check back later, I'll post about how it goes!


  1. I'm thinking about throwing in some nivea lip care since my daughters go through it like nobody's business and getting my total to 25 for even more of a money maker! That 5/25 coupon is where it's at!

  2. OK EVERYONE IT WORKS!! Buying 10 bags at a time and using the 5/25 is the best way to go you make money through up rewards! Can't beat that! Pics and scenerios to come!

  3. Candy DEAL IS NOW OVER! No more 2 dollar up rewards printing out but it sure was fun this morning! :) 1.00 up rewards are still printing out so if you match it with some coupons good deal :)


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