Friday, November 5, 2010


YES!!!! Confirmation that Albertons is doing doublers (twice the value coupons) again this Sunday November 7th through Tuesday November 9th! This time we will be back to 3 doublers per doubler page. It was awesome to get 4 and I'm thinking maybe it was a tester so who knows, it may come back! I'll be working on some deals so I'll post tomorrow :) Yay for Albertsons doing doublers so frequently lately!'

What are doublers? They are coupons that let you double the value of your coupon up to one dollar. And no need to worry if your coupon says "do not double" at the top of it. That is why the coupons that Albertsons puts out are called "twice the value" coupons :)
You can get the twice the value coupons from customer service. If they try to just hand you one, politely ask for a few. Remember you can only do three in one transaction but most stores let you do three transactions and then you have to physically leave the store before you do more. Meaning you can walk out the door put your groceries in the car and come back and do more! Want to know what they look like? Happy Friday! Can't wait till Sunday!

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