Saturday, November 13, 2010

Albertsons Twice the Value Ideas The most amazing baking sale ever!!

I am thrilled that we have twice the value again tomorrow at ALBERTSONS! My friend Tanya and I checked out some deals in Albertons today and with the new Thanksgiving Day Coupon Book (find it at Safeway near customer service) you are going to get amazing deals! This is what the coupon book looks like on the left.

Lets start with the freebies you don't even have to use twice the value coupons to get:

2 liter Sierra mist regular, diet, or cranberry splash 1.00
1/1 from Safeway coupon book

Swiss Miss Cocoa 1.00
1/1 from Safeway coupon book 

Remember that once you have hit 25.00 dollars in a single transaction you qualify for .27 a pound Turkey! This is AFTER coupons so I'm pretty bummed about that! It is super hard for me to get to 25.00 these days!

Tree Top Apple Juice 3 pack 1.00
1/2 HERE
Double=2 free! 
( you can print this coupon up to 8 times that's alot of free juice!)

Progresso Soups 1.00
1/2 from Safeway Coupon Book
Double=2 free  

Tic Tacs 1.20
 .75/1 10/3 RP

Hefty freezer bags or One zip freezer bags 2.00
1/1 from Safeway coupon book
Double=Free! (you have to pay tax)

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix .99 (cheaper wyb 10 participating items)
1/1 Safeway coupon book

Yakisoba 1.00
.50/1 from 10/3SS insert

Mentos Gum 1.50
1/1 10/3SS insert

Glade candles 2.49
1/1 Safeway coupon book or:
1/2 11/7SS insert

There is a amazing promotion going on right now with baking items. Buy 10 participating items save 5.00 Instantly! Here are the participating items:  I am going to list the prices based on you buying 10 items! You must buy 10 participating items to get the prices I am listing. Then mix with coupons I am listing to maximize your value. Add 3 twice the value in your transaction to bring the cost to super Crazee prices!

Betty Crocker brownie or cake mix .49
1/2 Safeway coupon book
1.00off wyb both Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting

Betty Crocker frosting .99
1.00 off wyb both Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting

Gold Medal Flour .99

Keebler Ghram cracker pie crust .99
1/3 1/3 printable

Betty Crocker cookie pouch 17.5oz package .99
1/2 Safeway coupon book

Vanity Fair/Dixie cups/plates/napkins 1.99

Peter Pan peanut butter 16.3oz .99

Quaker Cereal 1.49 (cap n crunch. Oh's. Life)
50/1 cap n crunch  (cant find the insert in the database that its from, sorry)

 Nestle Tollhouse Morsles 10-12oz 1.49

Pam cooking spray 5-6oz select varieties 1.99
1/1 Safeway Coupon Book

Wesson Cooking Oil 48oz select varieties 1.99
1/1 Safeway coupon book  or:
.35/1 11/14SS insert

Eagle brand condensed milk 1.49
1/2 11/7RP insert

Diamond nut chopped walnuts 8oz 1.99
2/2 11/7RP insert

Crisco shortening sticks 20oz 2.49 
1/2 11/7RP

 I can't believe it's not butter, promise, or brummel brown and spread 1.79

 Starbucks frappucino 4 pack 4.49
1.00 off any 4 pack starbucks frappuciono (again I cant find what week it was in, in the database but I have them so I know they were in inserts. The expiration is 11-30)

P.F Changs meal for two 6.49
2/1 9/12RP insert

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 1.49

Quaker Instant oatmeal, Oatmeal to go, & Quick or Old fashioned Oatmeal 1.99
1/1 9/12RP insert or
2/1 facebook coupon if you still have it. It is no longer  available

Smart Ones 1.49
1/5 1/5 smart ones
or from older safeway book that is no longer available

Aunt Jemima pancake mix 32oz or syrup 24oz 1.99

 The deals I am going to list below are ONLY using the Safeway Coupon Book Coupons, with the exception of the 9/12RP oatmeal coupon:

2 betty crocker cookie pouches 
2 betty crocker bownie mixes 
2 betty crocker cake mixes 
2 betty crocker frostings 
2 Pam cooking sprays 
Total 9.90
1/2 cookie pouches 
1/2 brownie mixes  
(2) 1.00 off wyb both cake and frosting
(2) 1/1 Pam cooking sprays
3 twice the value coupons
TOTAL after coupons .90 for everything!!

Here's another transaction I'm going to do:

2 brownie mixes
4 cakes mixes
4 frostings
total:  6.90
1 1/2 brownie mixes 
(4) 1.00 off wyb both cake and frosting
2 twice the value coupons
Total after coupons=FREE

And another transaction:

4 Keebler Graham cracker pie crust 
2 cake mixes
2 frostings
2 brownies
total: 7.90
(2) 1.00 off wyb cake and frosting
1 1/2 brownie
3 twice the value coupons
Total after coupons: 1.90

And another transaction

9 boxes of instant oatmeal
2 brownies
Total: 18.89
(9) 1/1 instant oatmeal
(1) 1/2 brownie
3 twice the value coupons
Total after coupons: 5.89 ( I know I'm really breaking the bank here, especially when one box of instant oatmeal is normally 3.50!) I am sitting here thinking wow, I really think 5.98 is RIDICULOUS for a 9 boxes of oatmeal and 2 brownies. I'm am for sure coupon crazee haha!

And another transaction:
These coupons are listed earlier in the post and are in Safeway coupon book, the inserts or online:
4 Diamond Chopped Walnuts
2 cake mixes
2 frostings
2 brownies 
(2) 2/2 Diamond products
(2) 1.00 off wyb cake and frosting
(1) 1/2 brownie mix
3  Twice the value coupons
Total after coupons: 1.90

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