Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rite Aid stock up Deals 11/14-20

I love Rite Aid this week! Tons of things at stock up prices! This week runs Sunday November 14th through November 20th.

Don't forget to use your 5/25 to maximize savings. B/C the 25.00 is before coupons so it is a free 5 dollars for things you need.
Aussie Shampoo/ Herbal Essence Shampoo 2.99
Buy 1 get 2.00 Up Reward
Use 1/1 Aussie Shampoo from PG rebate book found HERE Or:
1/2 from 10/10 PG insert Or:
Use 1/2 Herbal Essence from 10/10 PG insert 
Making these as low as FREE for the Aussie and .50 each for the Herbal Essence 

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers,  Pullups, or Goodnights 8.99 
Buy 1 Get 3.00 Up Reward 
Use this 3/1 Huggies Natural
 This 2.50/1 coupon just register HERE Remember to hit your back button and print twice. Then print two of the pure and natural ones as well b/c that's 4 coupons!
You can also find a 2/50/1 Here
STACK (use both at one time)  one of those with a 2/1 Rite Aid Video Value  its an October one so I hope you watched it and saved it!

Making the first pack .99!! Packs after that with the 2.50 off coupons will be just 2.99!! 
(you can search for more huggies coupons in the coupon database found HERE )

 Fiber One bars 2 for 4.00  
Buy 2 get back 1.00 Up Reward
Use: (2) 1/1 from Rite Aid coupon booklet stack with:
(2) .50/1 Fiber One bars found HERE or:
(2) .50/1 Fiber One bars found here but you have to take this  Long Survey
Making 2 of these FREE!

NyQuil or DayQuil 3.99 
Buy 1 get 1.00 Up Reward  
Use: 1.50/1 from 10/31 PG 
Making these 1.49 each! AMAZING DEAL!!  

Blistex Lip Balm 2 for 3.00 
Buy 2 get 1.00 Up Reward 
Use 2 .55/1 from 11/14 SS insert 
Making 2 of these .90 which is .45each! 

Luvs Family Size Box Diapers 16.99 
Buy 1 get  4.00 Up Reward  
Use 1/1 from PG rebate coupon booklet or: 
1/1 from HERE
Making these 11.99 each (nothing compared to Huggies deal above) 

 Gain Dish Soap is back again for .89 
Use: 1/1 from PG rebate coupon book or:
1/1 10/10PG insert or 1/1 10/31PG insert
Making these free!

First Response Pregnancy Test 12.99 
Buy 1 get 3.00 Up Reward 
Use 2/1 from HERE 
Making this 7.99 

Ziploc Storage containers 1.99
Use 1/1 from Safeway Coupon book
Making these 1.00 each  

Gain laundry soap 4.99
Buy 1 get 1.00 Up Reward  
Use: 1/1 from 10/10 PG insert
 Making these 2.99 each! 

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 4 for 5.00
Buy 4 get 1.00 Up Reward 
Use 4 1/1 from Safeway Coupon book 
Making 4 of these free!

Other great deals:

In Store Coupon save 5WYB a 25.00 Itunes gift card. 

Christmas Cards and  Christmas Wrapping Paper Buy 1 get 2 free! I saw cards today for 4.99 so that's 1.63 a box, but if you work up a deal to use the 5/25 and use these as your "filler" items you will be scoring all three for FREE!

Adult T-Shirts 1.49 each!

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