Thursday, November 18, 2010

Albertsons week of 11/17-11/25

 *When I post with Doubler, I am saying twice the value coupon, its just easier to use the term doubler* If it is highlighted in Red that means its an amazing deal!

First things first...THIS SALE GOES THROUGH 11/25!! And we are getting TWICE THE VALUE COUPONS FOR 5 Days like I previously posted last week! That is 5 days of double the value manufactured coupons right in time for Thanksgiving! YAY!

Farm Fresh Frozen Basted Turkey 16-22 pounds .27 a pound when you spend 25.00 *AFTER coupons and this does not count the cost of the turkey*  A great price if you need to get things that total 25.00!

Artic Shore Shrimp Ring 9.99 B1G1 *great price*  I'm buying these to use as an appetizer at Thanksgiving and to get me to 25.00 for my cheap turkey!

Cooks Shank Portion ham 1.29lb

Fresh Russet Potatoes 10lb bag .88

Celery .48 a bunch

Green Giant canned veggies .47
1/4 from Safeway Thanksgiving coupon book
.22 each w/doublers= 4 for free!!!!

Campbell's canned gravey .47

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix .47

Carnation Evaporated Milk .97
.50/2 11/14RP#2 insert
.47wyb2 with doublers!

Folgers coffee 6.99
1/1 from 11/7RP insert
5.99 or 4.99 with doubler

Pam cooking Spray 2.49
1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving coupon book
1.49 or .49 with doubler

Coca-Cola Soft Drinks 4 for 10.00

Hefty Foam Plates or Bowls 2.00
1/1 From Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Book
1.00 of free with doublers!!

Nabisco Snack Crackers 1.88
1/1 11/14inserts or 1/1 tear pad from a while back
.88 or free with doublers!

McCormick Spices, food colors, or extracts B1G1 
1.50/1 from Safeway Thanksgiving Book  (this is for Vanilla extract only) 1/1 from Safeway Thanksgiving Book (this is for Black Pepper only)
(Note: You can use two coupons even though you are getting one for free already!)
Catalina Deal: Buy 2 Recieve 1.50 Catalina Buy 3 Receive 3.00 Catalina 
This is an amazing deal!!

Sierra Mist 1.99
1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving coupon book
.99 or free with doublers

Idahoan mashed potatoes 4-4.1 oz select varieties .97
.75/3 from HERE it will be a tab in the right hand upper corner that says print coupon
.72each wyb3 or .47wyb3 with doublers!

Reynolds Wrap Foil 2.99
1/1 from HERE
1.99 with doubler .99

Ziploc select containers 2.50
1.50/2 11/14SS insert or 1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving Book
Catalina Deal: Buy 3 get 2.00 Catalina back
The deal I'm going to do looks like this (similar to last week) 
Buy 3 Ziploc containers 7.50 
Use: 3 1/1 from Safeway book and 3 doublers 
Pay 1.50 and get back 2.00 ONYO catalina meaning I make .50 to buy 3!!
Buy 1 Edwards Premium Pie and get A Mrs Smiths pie Free 5.99 for both!

Kraft Phillidelphia cheese bar 1.25
Some stores have a beautiful cook book wyb4 which would make buying 4 of these at this price a great deal!

Kraft Brick or shredded cheese 2.00

Mentos Gum 1.49
1/1 10/3SS insert
.49 or free with doubler

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 1.00 (this includes with marshmallows and the mocha one as well YUMMY!)
1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving Book

There is ANOTHER Buy 10 Save 5.00 Instantly promo going on through the 25th! Just wait till doublers b/c we are going to be getting things at Crazee prices!  Here are the items included, I will list coupons at the end for you to mix and match. Wait until Sunday for doublers if you can to maximize savings!

*All prices reflect you buying 10 participating items, prices are higher wyb less then 10 participating items*

Fiber one bars 1.99

Select General Mills Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms 1.99

Ritz Crackers 1.99

Best Foods Mayonnaise 1.99

Ragu Pasta sauce .99

Pillsbury Cinnamon or Crescent Rolls 1.49

Reddi Whip 1.49

Betty Crocker Premium Brownie or Bar Mix 1.49

General Mills Snacks: Chex mix traditional, Bugels, Gardettos 1.49

Orville Redenbachers Popcorn 2-4count 1.49

Barilla Pasta .79

Birds Eye Steamfresh Blends 1.49

C&W Frozen Vegetables 1.49

Pillsbury Pie Crusts 1.99

Super Chill 12pack pop 1.99

Blue Bonnet Margarine .49

Rhodes anytime or traditional rolls 2.99

Chinet Plates, cups, or bowls 1.99

Hersheys Holiday Chocolates bag 2.49

Arrowhead water 2.99

Planters Mixed Nuts or Chashew halves 2.99

Coupons to use:

Fiber One bars 1/2 10/31SS insert or .40/1 Box Tops Coupons

General Mills Cereals 1/2 10/31SS insert .55/1 cinnamon toast crunch from

Best Foods Mayo .55/1 11/14RP insert

Rhodes Rolls 1/1 11/14RP insert

Ragu Pasta Sauce B2G1 11/14RP insert

Reddi Whip 1/2 October All You magazine or .50/1 reddiwip

Pillsbury Pie Crusts .50/2 11/14GMinsert (regional)

Pillsbury Cinnamon or Crescent Rolls .50/2 Pillsbury 
Or 1/2 from Safeway Thanksgiving Book

Birds Eye Frozen Veggies 1/3 from 11/14SS insert

Ritz Crackers 1/2 tearpad

Barilla Pasta  1/1 HERE

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