Thursday, November 18, 2010


A while back I signed up for Gilt  a company with high end great value products! I've been waiting to get Sienna this cute lunchbox its the "it" lunchbox at school these its 15.00! So since I had my 20.00 sign up bonus and I got frees shipping for referring 10 friends...I got it free! It works like this:
When you sign up for Gilt you get a 20.00 credit..and then all you have to do is refer 10 friends..*10 email addresses* and you get free shipping! Then just look for  something under 18 dollars so it covers tax as well as free shipping when you do both of those things! I'm so excited to see what you all get. If you want the lunchbox just click on the "children's" tab and then on Goodbyn the 'It' lunchbox tab. There are tons of colors and they are all priced at 15 dollars today which means TOTALLY FREE! I just completed my order and guess what? MY ENDING COST WAS A BIG FAT ZERO!! Including Shipping!

Just go HERE and sign up! I love free stuff! You can also search under  "children" tab and go to "Mini Shatsu" they have the most adorable high end baby clothing and most of it you can score FREE TODAY!!

Man O Man just got an email from a friend that just tried may be that you had to sign up a while back to get the credit b/c it is not showing up on her account. Someone email me and let me know if this works for you! And hopefully some of you had the credit like I did?

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