Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coupon Shopping with 5 kids! And boy, What a deal!

Yes my sister and I are obviously insane! We ventured into Rite Aid with all 5 kids, sorry Rite Aid! LOL Here's my sister, our nephew Ethan, her 6 week old baby girl ,and my 3 angels :p
 I really needed another 7 things of toothpaste to finish up the OCC BOXES and we had our nephew for the day and needed to pick him up some diapers,  so my amazing sister made it happen, in about 10 minutes with some of her coupons missing, and none of mine since they were at home :p
Check out what my sister scored and made 12 bucks on!
 So this picture proves a few things..You can coupon with a TON of kids... the Crest Pro Health has a rolling reward and it prints in multiples.. and last but not least that giving can be done at a very inexpensive cost!

I'm not going to post full details b/c my sister took her receipts home of course to enter them into Rite Aid's single check rebate found HERE

I will tell you that the Crest Pro Health is a 1.00 money maker on each one!

Crest Pro Health 3.49
Buy 1 Get 2.50 Up Rewards back
1/1 crest from 10/31 PG insert AND
1/1 Crest Pro Health from the Rite Aid Flu Booklet
Making these a 1.00 Money Maker!

Pampers Diapers 7.99
Buy 1 Get 1.00 Up Rewards back
Use 1/1 Pampers Diapers 10/31 PG insert
Total: 5.99

She did use a 5/25 making this whole thing a 12 money maker. Great job Bonnie! I can't imagine how much she is going to save on diapers and wipes over the course of her baby career. I wish I would have known back then, what I know now!!

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