Monday, November 22, 2010

Rite Aid 3 day deals Starts Thanksgiving Day through Saturday!

Check Out the Fleece Throws! 1.99 with a 1.00 Up Reward! That's a dollar for a fleece throw! Throw that in a basket with some free hot cocoa and a .49 candle from  Albertsons and you have some amazing gifts for people! At a great price!

Hershey's Pot of Gold 3.99 get back 2.00Up Reward
1.99 each (seems to be no limit)

Butter Cookies 1.88 get back 1.00Up Reward
.88 (seems to be no limit)

Single full size candy bars like Hershey's, Mars, Reese's, Butterfinger 2/1.00 get back 1.00Up Reward for each two you buy (limit 5)
Making 10 of these FREE!!!!!!

Colgate advanced toothpaste or 360 toothbrush  1.77 get back 1.00Up Reward (Limit 2 per household)
1/1 Any Colgate Product Rite Aid Video Values
1/1 360 Colgate Toothbrush  Rite Aid Video Values Stack one of these with:
1/1 Colgate Total Toothpaste 11/14SS insert
Pay as low as 0 get back 1.00 up reward Making this a 1.00 Money Maker!

Kellogg's cereals 1.99each Get back 1.00Up Reward for each box (Limit 4per household)
1.50/3 Select Kellogg's Cereal 11/14RP insert
Pay 4.47 for 3 boxes and get back 3.00 in UP Rewards making these .49 each WYB3

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 10oz 2.99 get back 2.00Up Reward on each (looks like no limit as of now)
1/1 11/14RP insert
Pay 2.00 get back 2.00Up Reward making these FREE!

Cottenelle 4 Pack Toilet Paper, Moist Wipes,or Kleenex 1.88 get back 1.00Up Reward on each (Limit 3)
.50/2 Wipes 11/7SSinsert
.50/3 Kleenex 11/7SSinsert
.50/2 Cottenelle HERE 
You can stack the Kleenex one with a 1/3 October Video Value if you still have it
You can stack the wipes with the 1/1 November Video Value
For the Wipes Pay 2.26 for two get back 2.00 in Up Rewards making these .13 each!
If you buy 3 Kleenex and you have the VV left from October you will pay 4.14 and get back 3.00Up Rewards making these .38 each!

Below are the Single Check Rebate deals. These are only good for one single check rebate so if you want them free do not purchase more then one of each deal. Save your receipts you will need to enter them and then request your check when you are done shopping in November! Have fun so many fun freebies! You can find out more about Rite Aid SCR program and sign up for it HERE its free and so worth doing! Also if you do not have a Rite Aids Rewards card go get that NOW! You need it to get Up Rewards and SCR's!

Duracell Batteries "AA" or "AAA" 4 pack 2.50 each
Buy 15 in Duracell product receive 5Up Reward (not listed on this picture BUT IS listed in my Rite Aid Ad)
1.50/1 from 11/14RP
Deal Scenario I'm going to do:
Buy 6 packs
Use 6 1.50/1 coupons
Pay 6.00 Submit for 5.00 Single Check Rebate HERE
Making 6 packs 1.00!!!!!!!!!

Got 2 Be stylers 4.99
Submit for 4.99 Single Check Rebate
2/1 Oct, Nov, and Dec Issues of All You Magazine stack any of these with
2/1 October Video Value if you still have it

Phillips 3 Device Remote Control Or Earbuds with Case 4.99
Submit for 4.99 rebate (limit one not one of each)

Phillips 8GB MP3 Audio and Video Player 59.99
Submit for 10.00 Single Check Rebate
Get back 10.00 Up Reward
39.99!!!!! AMAZING DEAL!!!!!

Fuji film 12 mega pixel Digital Camera 79.99
Submit for 20.00 Single Check Rebate
Get back 10.00Up Reward
49.99 and you can get 2 of these and submit for 2 rebates yay!!!

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