Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coupon Lingo And Ways to Give this Holiday season!

I realize that there are alot of newbies to couponing checking out my site. I have received emails asking about what some of the "coupon code" means.
Here is a summary of terms I use on my blog:
  • Insert= The coupon packs you find in your Sunday paper
  • SS= Smart Source Insert
  • RP=Red Plum Insert
  • PG=Proctor & Gamble insert
  • Peelie= A coupon found stuck to products
  • Blinkies= Coupons found in blinking machines in isles of grocery stores
  • Printable= Coupons you print online
  • Tearpad= Coupons found on tearpads found usually near the product
  • MF=Manufactured Coupon
  • Hanging Tag= Coupons found hanging on products (aka winetag)
  • In store coupon= A coupon found in the stores weekly ad
  • VV=Rite Aid video values
  • SCR=Single Check Rebate
  • BOGO= Buy one get one free
  • B1G2=Buy one get two free (so B2G1 would mean buy two get one free and so on and so forth)
  • WYB= When you buy (you will see me put WYB2 or WYB3 meaning when you buy 2 or when you buy 3, usually pertaining to promotions)
  • Doublers= A coupon that Albertsons puts out that is actually called "twice the value coupon" it doubles the value of your MF coupons.
  • Albies= Albertsons
  • Promo= A promotion the store is having
  • YYMV= Use your own mileage meaning this could be a regional sale
Another email I often get is why do people need so many coupons?
  • When sales come up for canned veggies, cereal, snack items, Mayo, cleaning and beauty items (things my family quickly goes through) I want to get 10 at the price of zero or almost free so that when we run out I don't have to run to the store and pay 4.00 for a thing of shampoo that I could have stockpiled for free! I get a set of 10 coupons a week just for this purpose. I use my coupons just like I used to use my cash.
  • Did you know that Coupons are a legal form of currency in the US? Coupons help our country! They help the manufacturers to get their product out. They help the stores because they get paid face value plus shipping plus extra to send in their coupons. They also help our families and the people we donate too. (You are donating some of that huge stockpile of yours aren't you?) If you have an over abundance like many serious coupon shoppers here are some great ways to help:
1. Find a needy family this holiday. Give Give Give to them.
2. Find a shelter to donate things to. Find out what they need the most and bargain hunt it down!
3. Give to your church
4. Give to your family and friends (a lot of people right now are struggling, you know at least one person)
5. Give to neighbors
6. Give to animal shelters (my 9 year old loves this) We don't even have animals but we will pick up free and cheap items to donate b/c it makes her heart happy.
7. If you feel like you can't give, try and push past that this season, if you need more coupons in order to do so please email me and I will give you some :)

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