Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Day of twice the value coupons at Albertsons tommorow some great new ideas!!!!

I heart Albertsons this week!

Here are some great last minute doubler ideas!
Remember to check out my full post on other things you can get at Albertsons tommorow with twice the value coupons HERE

Here is a deal I found tonight:
Saltine crackers 3.39
1/1 tear pad right in front of the saltines + doubler=1.39 a box! (.15 cents cheaper a box then store brand) We go through these like crazy during snow storms with all our free soup.

Here is another great deal that I am so excited about!

The Glade scented oil twin refill is on sale now for 2.49
Use 1/1 any Glade scented twin refill from 11/7SS + doubler =.49 each!

The glade scented oil candle holder (which holds the smaller candles) is on sale for 2.49
Use 1/1 any Glade Scented oil candles holder from 11/7SS + doubler=.49 each!

While this was an amazing was in vain b/c I did not have my coupon binder on me, SUCH A NO NO!!

Also check out my friend Amber's post on some great last minute finds as well. You can check out her post about free cool whip and .25 cream cheese (remember if you buy 4 Philadelphia cream cheese you can score the free cookbook, worth 19.99 I found mine right next to the cream cheese!) Check out Amber's post at  COUPON CONNECTIONS NW

Remember, tommorow is the last day of 5 day doublers, have you found some great deals?

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