Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hallmark ideas for those 10.00 and 5.00 off coupons

 Remember my posts earlier this week about the Hallmark coupons out right now check them out HERE  and HERE? I wanted to give you an update. I found another 5.00 off a 5.00 or more purchase in Woman's Day and one in Dec/Jan issue of Early Parenting Magazine while I was at my daughters doc appt a few days ago (of course I asked reception if it was ok) You can get your 10.00 off any 10.00 or more purchase HERE if you qualify.

I used my new 5.00 off coupons in the clearance section again....check out how big it is! I have been to two hallmarks and they both have a HUGE selection. Which makes for lots of cool affordable (tax) stuff! Here's the clearance section where I shopped today.

I hope to find a few more b/c I"m hoping to score that cute basket on the table to use for Christmas! Its only 1.50 on clearance but other things came first Like two beaded necklaces that I could not get untangled..Somebody was having to much fun while Mommy was shopping. I ended up having to bite through the purple ones, thus having to buy them haha, Oh well were going to use them for some kind of craft or decoration LOL

Just a reminder..on both of these coupons you CAN use them with sale prices and clearance items. It is right in the fine print on the coupon. Have fun and I love Hallmark!

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