Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rite Aid fall clearance 90% off Candy 75%off!

Loved the nice surprize at Rite Aid today! Everything in this picture cost me a mere ..65cents!
Now, I did use 5 dollars in Up Rewards so if you don't have up rewards you can get all this for 5.65..HELLO! One of those scarecrow guys in the back is normally 9.99! Since thanksgiving is at my house this year the 10 plates and big chip bowl is awesome! How about the tablecloth and candles? The items are LARGER then they appear LOL. What an awesome find! Head out today b/c at this price it will not last long! To give you a better idea...I paid 10cents a plate..under a dollar for the scarecrows and .39 cents for the candles!

The Halloween candy is also 75% off and mix it with coupons and what a heck of a deal! I am going back to buy some for the Philippines and Operation Christmas Child. Check coupons.com for some candy coupons and check your binders I know we have some! The big huge bags of candy are down to 2.50 from 9.99 and match that up with a dollar off coupon 1.50 is an amazing deal!
On a side note, apparently Sienna was sneaking pictures of me checking out the candy deals not so flattering thanks Sienna, :p

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