Monday, December 13, 2010

13lbs of MEAT for under 13.00 delivered right to your door from Safeway! With extras..

Check out this amazing deal at Safeway this week! Safeway is having a BOGO sale on tons of items including meat! And, when you get it delivered you get 15.00 off your order of 50.00 or more. Guess what? Safeway counts the items that you get for free into that 50.00 purchase so its not hard to get there at all! Then you get to take an additional 15.00 off your order and have it shipped right to your door Using the code below at checkout! Want to know about some amazing extras? When they deliver your items your going to get a coupon book full of goodies including a COMPLETELY FREE case of water! Just go to Safeway Delivery here and start filling up your cart. Then see below b/c if you go through Swagbucks to get this deal you get 400 Swagbucks thats almost a 5.00 gift card whoo hoo! There are a ton of things on BOGO sale and TONS OF meat options just look on safeways site on the left hand side for thier BOGO tab..

Here's a great option!:
Sign up for Safeway Delivery Here and create an account (this offer is for new customers) but if you are an existing customer you can still get the same deal using the code SHARE15
3.50 LB 85% Lean Ground Beef 15% Fat Extreme Value - on sale, buy one get one FREE
3 LB Eating Right Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless Extreme Value Pack - on sale, buy one get one FREE
Put (2) ground beefs extreme value packs in your cart
Put (2) eating right chicken breast extreme value pack in your cart
Your total will be about $54.00
Enter the promo code CJSAVINGS, this deducts $15 off your total
Your new total will be about $39.06
This total does NOT reflect the BOGO discounts. Safeway can’t deduct the FREE item until they weigh out the meat, so the FREE items will be deducted and reflected on your final invoice – which they give to you when they deliver the meat.
The FINAL total after the FREE items come off should be about $12!!(I’m figuring $27 coming off from the FREE meat)
That’s 13 pounds of meat for only $12 – LESS THAN $1 A POUND!
Your cart should look like this:
Your invoice should like something like this if you do this deal:

Remember this is before factoring the BOGO deal..THEY DO NOT TAKE THIS OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT UNTIL IT IS DELIVERED AND THEN THEY FACTOR IN THE BOGO PRICE! My friend Sarah confirmed it as she had hers delivered this morning yay!!!!!

On top of all that, you can also register for Swagbucks Click on this banner to join Search & Win then after you join earn 400 points for signing up to do the Safeway deal through only takes 450 points to get a 5.00 gift card to AMAZON! Hellooooo this is amazing! Simply sign up for swag bucks with the banner above then go into your EARN button towards the top of the page scroll down to SPECIAL OFFERS then go to the tab that says TRIAL PAY and pick Safeway and earn your Swagbucks! This works for those of you who already have Swagbucks as well. I just cashed in another 50.00 in swag bucks for Amazon gift cards to do some holiday shopping on Amazon. Love Love Love Swagbucks you get paid to do your normal searches!
400 Swag Bucks
Confirms in 1 day
description makes it easy to get quality groceries, fresh produce, meat and seafood delivered to homes and businesses. All first time customers get FREE DELIVERY on their first order of $50 or more (savings up to $12.95).
Make an online purchase at currently serves the following states: CA, AZ, MD, OR, VA, WA, DC. You must be a new user. Valid user information required to qualify. If you cancel your order, TrialPay reserves the right to discontinue access to your free product.

Thank you so much Readers Sarah and Viki!

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