Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rite Aid Gift Of Savings...

Make sure to enter in EVERY SINGLE reciept you get from Rite Aid. The Holiday gift of savings is amazing because it counts manufactured coupons into your total. I just earned my Gift of Savings of 20.00 (the most you can earn) and I barely spent any cash money..it was all mainly my coupons! YAY! Now I can go get some more Christmas Gifts for the kids today. WHOOT WHOOT! Have you recieved your email with your gift of Savings yet? This is what it looks like:

Dear Shelly Everitt,

Thank you for shopping at Rite Aid and participating in the Gift of Savings program.
Your certificate for the Holiday Gift of Savings 2010 program totaling $20.00 is now available for you to print.

The offer(s) included on this certificate:

568Holiday Gift of Savings$20.00

Please click here to login and print your certificate.

Your certificate can be used for one in-store purchase only and no cash will be returned.

If you have any questions, please "Contact Us".

To view the latest changes in your offer status, please click here.

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