Saturday, December 11, 2010

Albertsons Twice the Value deals 12/12-12/15

Lets start with all the freebies you can score during Twice the Value (double or doubler)

Hefty One Zip Bags 1.50
1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving Booklet+doubler=FREE
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 1.00
1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving Booklet=Free no doubler need

Green Giant Boxed Frozen Vegetables .76 with in ad coupon (limit 6)
1/2 Safeway Thanksgiving Booklet+doubler=FREE

Sierra Mist 1.99
1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving Booklet+doubler=FREE

Tic Tacs 1.19
.75 10/3RPinsert+doubler=FREE

Colgate toothpaste (select varieties) 1.00
.75/1 12/5SSinsert+doubler=FREE

Progresso Soup (select varieties) 1.00
1/2 Safeway Thanksgiving Booklet+doubler=FREE


 Hefty Zoopals plates 1.50
1/2 From Here+doubler=.50 each wyb2

Starbucks Via 3 pack 2.50
1/1 11/21SSinsert+doubler=.50

Orville Redenbachers Gourmet Microwave Pop Corn 1.89
.75/1 Safeway Thanksgiving Booklet+doubler=.39 each!

There is a save 5.00 when you buy 10 participating items going on right now! With Doublers we can score some amazing deals on normally expensive items, The prices I am listing are INCLUDING YOU BUYING 10 PARTICIPATING ITEMS. The coupons will help you lower the price even more!

Fuze, Glaceau, Vitamin water, smart water .75
Lots of hanging tags for these keep your eyes open the database list about 8 hanging tags out right now!

Pillsbury Cake Mix and Brownie Mix .49
.40/1 Pillsbury cake or brownie mix 11/7RPinsert

Blue Bonnet Margarine .49

Pillsbury Frosting .99
.40/1 Pillsbury cake or frosting mix 11/7RPinsert

Pillsbury Cookie mix .99
.50/1 11/7RPinsert

Albertsons Flour .99

Hersheys Baking Chips 1.49
1/2 from 11/14SSinsert
B2G1 Hanging Tag by product in store

Pillsbury Easy Frost 1.49

Jiff Peanut Butter 1.49

Eagle Sweet condensed milk 1.49
.55/1 11/7RPinsert

Darigold Butter 2.99
.50/1 11/14SSinsert

Wesson Oil 1.99
1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving Booklet

Pam Cooking Spray 1.99
1/1 Safeway Thanksgiving Booklet

Healthy Choice steamers or complete meals 1.99
1/2 All You Magazine January 2010 issue

Reddi Whip 1.99
1/2 All You Magazine November 2010 Issue

Marie Calenders Select Entrees 1.49

Marie Calenders Large Pot Pies or Dinners 1.99
1.50 Printable

Kid Cuisine 1.49

Marie Calender Bakes 4.49

Simply Orange Juice or Minute Maid Enhanced juice 2.99

Coca Cola Soft Drinks 12 pack 3.99

A few  deals  I'm going to do tomorrow (you can find the coupons by looking at the product listed above):

9 Hersheys baking chips 1.49x9=13.41
1 Pillsbury Cookie Mix .99
Total Before Coupons: 14.40
(3) 1/2 Hersheys baking chips -3.00
Double those coupons-3.00
(3) Free bag of Hersheys baking chips when you buy 2 bags of hersheys baking chips -4.47
.50/1 Pillsbury Cookie mix
Total After coupons and doublers=3.43 Amazing for all the holiday baking I'm about to be doing! yay!

5 Pillsbury Cake mixes 2.45
5 Pillsbury Frostings 4.95
Total before coupons=7.40
(10) .40/1 Pillsbury cake or frosting mixes-4.00
(3) doublers-1.20
Total after coupons and doublers=2.20

10 Pillsbury cookie mixes 9.90
(10) .50/1 -.5.00
(3) doublers -1.50
Total after coupons and doublers=3.40

5 Wesson Oil 9.95
5 Pillsbury Cake Mixes 2.45
Total before coupons: 12.40
(5) 1/1 Wesson Oil -5.00
(3) doublers -3.00
(5) .40/1 Pillsbury cake Mixes-2.00
Total after coupons and doublers=2.40 (considering a Wesson oil normally costs about 3.00 not bad!)

Have Fun! If you need coupons or you have deal ideas please email me at:

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