Monday, December 13, 2010

Rite Aid Run 12/12 (seriously love Rite Aid)

If you are new to Rite Aid make sure you get signed up with your wellness card at the store. That is how you will score sale prices and be able to get your single check rebates Found Here and your Video Values to stack with manufactured coupons Found Here. To read and Print out ( I highly suggest taking it with you!) Rite Aids Corporate Coupon Policy Found Here. Now to the fun stuff!

Transaction #1

Burts Bees Intensive Hand Cream 12.99-10% that I get for reaching silver level savings= 11.69
Burts Bees shimmering lip care 4.99-10%=4.49
Revlon Emery Boards 1.25-40%off in store sale=.75
Revlon Colorful Emery boards 2.45-40% off in store sale=1.47
Tart Candle Gift Set 3.99 on sale 25% off in store sale=2.99
Rite Aid Brand (office expot) gift tape 1.49 BOGO store sale
Rite Aid Brand gift tape FREE
Almay Intense Eye Color 7.49-40%in store discount=4.49
Total before coupons: 25.88
2.00 Almay Intense Eye colors from DEC Video Values
(2) 1/1 Burts Bees product from 11/7SSinsert
(2) 1/1 Revlon beauty tools from Target (its a manufactured coupon even though it has target logo)
5.00 Previous Up Rewards that were about to expire
Total after coupons: 9.88
Get Back 5.00 Up rewards for purchasing 15 worth of Burts Bees, 2.00 Up rewards for purchasing 2 revlon beauty tools, (2) 1.00 up rewards for the tape, Submit Almay for 2.00 Single Check Rebate #61
BOTTOM Line On this Deal 3.12 MONEY MAKER!

Transaction #2:

4 Air Wick Candles 5.99 each BOGO in store sale
6 Hersheys Kisses 2.50 each
2 Rite Aid tape 1.49 each BOGO
Total Before Coupons: 28.47
(4) 3/1 Air Wick Candle 11/14SSinsert
(2) 1/1 Hersheys Kisses 11/14SSinsert
(2) B2G1 Hershey Kisses 12/5SSinsert
1/2 Dec Video Values
Total after coupons: 3.47
Get back 3.00Up Reward for spending 10+ on Airwick products, 5.00 Up Reward for spending 15+on Select Holiday candy (including kisses), (2) 1.00 Up Rewards on tape
Making this a 6.53 MONEY MAKER!!

Transaction #3

1 Big Top Cupcake Maker (Serenity is dying for one for Christmas!) 19.99
1 Tart Candle Gift Set 3.99
2 rite aid tape 1.49 BOGO
Total Before coupons: 25.47
In store sale 2.00 off Cupcake maker, not sure where this savings came from possibly my 10%off?
In store sale on gift set 1.00
2/1 Big top Cupcake maker from Dec Video Values
12.00 In Up Rewards from the previous money making transactions
Total after coupons and sales: 3.47
Got Back (2) 1.00 Up Rewards for the tape making this 1.47!! Not bad considering I would have had to spend 20 bucks normally on that gift for Serenity! I still have a bunch of Up Rewards left for the week.

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