Thursday, October 7, 2010

When do you start Christmas Shopping?

I start now! With coupons and sales I'm hoping to make this Christmas unforgettable not only for my own children, but for the children that we sponsor as well. Toys R Us has already put out whats hot for this year. My guess (and by both of my daughters excitement) is that the pillow pets are going to be HUGE this year! I hope to see a sale soon b/c I am never going to pay 19.99 for a pet pillow, LOL|Toys&pg=1&ab=TRU_HP:HotDeals:2:100710:Hot-Holiday-Toys-for-2010-check-em-out-NOW

Pretty much the only deal going on right now on Toys R Us is free shipping on orders over 100.00 I always check out the clearance section, but I do wait until there is free shipping no matter what you spend. Look how stinking cute this little guy is, I really hope it comes on sale soon :)

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